Susan - Our Best Family RecipesHi, I’m Susan!

The recipes you’ll find on this website truly are the Best Family Recipes – not only because they taste great but because we are the Best family and these are our recipes!

This is the place where I am attempting to record all of my family’s favourite recipes. We’ve all got them, the things that get cooked weekly or at least fortnightly in your family repertoire of meals. The meals and treats that are constantly requested if you get asked to “bring a plate” to a party or BBQ.

My original plan was to collate our recipes into a book that I could pass on to my children when they leave home. But, my kids soon made me realise that they’d prefer to get their content online, so they suggested we turn it into a website. Which means anyone can access our recipes anytime and anywhere.

I came around to agreeing with them when they pointed out that when I get asked for my recipe for a certain food (as I often do for my muffins, brownies and cheesecake) I can simply refer the person to this website rather than copying it out for them. Win-win! Sold! So, here we are, figuring out how to bring all of our favourite recipes into the online digital world.

If you’re an astute reader you may have noticed my use of the word favourite instead of favorite, yes, I’m Australian. What does this mean for you? If you’re Australian too, chances are good this means my recipes and ingredients will make perfect sense to you. If you’re from another part of the world some of the ingredients may be different from what you are used to so you might have to experiment and compromise. Also, my recipes all use the metric system so if you’re in a country that isn’t metric, you’ll have to ask Google (or Alexa) to convert measurements and temperatures for you.

I hope you enjoy our recipes and that some of them become firm family favourites in your family too.

All the best,

Susan Best