Homemade Lamb HSP Recipe

homemade lamb hsp recipe

First of all let me begin by stating that I had never heard of ‘HSP’ until fairly recently when my youngest son started indulging in this treat while out with his friends sometimes. He told me it was shredded lamb served over hot chips and covered in melted cheese.

To be honest, it didn’t sound very appealing to me! But, when your 13 year old son wants you to try his favourite new food, you have to check it out. He took me to his favourite place to get HSP and we ordered both the lamb and the chicken varieties to test them out.

This was when I discovered that HSP also involved the use of BBQ sauce, sweet chilli sauce and tzatziki dip – things were getting more interesting! I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t wowed by my first experience of this snack – it was tasty enough but not something I’d be rushing back for. But my son was hooked!

In the car on the way home I asked him what ‘HSP’ stands for – he had no idea! Google, however, informed us that HSP stands for Halal Snack Pack. Wow!

We had no idea! Further to that, while I have since gone on to create my own, homemade version of this ‘snack pack’, I have no idea whether my version would be considered ‘Halal’ – not my area of interest or expertise, so please, if the Halal part of HSP is important to you, check the ingredients yourself and make sure they suit your needs.

I convinced my son that I could easily replicate his favourite lamb HSP at home and he was willing to let me have a try. It has since become a regular feature in our house – whenever I slow cook some lamb, he will turn his portion into HSP – it’s a great ‘snack’ for eating in front of the footy on the TV and, frankly, it’s a bit healthier than a lot of the other things he might choose to snack on.

So, here’s how I make my, now famous, homemade lamb HSP:

I like to use this butterflied lamb leg that I buy from Coles. It’s marinated in rosemary and garlic which adds some extra flavour to the lamb. You could also potentially use any leg of lamb or even a lamb shoulder for this recipe, but I like the pre-marinated boneless version like this:

lamb for hsp

I like to slow cook the lamb so that the meat literally just falls apart and shreds really easily. To do this just add a small amount of water to the bottom of your slow cooker, add your meat and leave it to cook for 6-8 hours.

I like to use my Tefal Multicooker for this recipe as it’s capable of slow cooking but at a faster rate (don’t ask me how, it just knows what to do).

It works best if you elevate the meat out of the water slightly so I usually place a large metal egg ring in the bottom of mine (but any sort of trivet would do) and then add a small amount of water before adding the lamb on top.

how to cook lamb for hsp
preparing to cook lamb for hsp
cooking lamb for hsp

Slow cooking meat in the Tefal Multicooker takes 2 hours. However, I like my meat really well done. So, I actually prefer to slow cook it twice. Once the first 2 hour slow cook cycle has finished I simply reset the machine to slow cook meat for another cycle (2 hours).

So, whatever type of slow cooker you’re using to make this dish, you need to plan well ahead to make sure you have time to cook the lamb.

When the lamb is nearly cooked, you can begin to gather up the other ingredients. You’ll need some frozen chips – cook them according to packet directions in either your oven or air fryer.

chips for hsp

You’ll also need some grated cheese and some other condiments, depending on how you like your HSP.

toppings for hsp

When the meat has finished cooking, remove it from the slow cooker and put it on a board or plate ready for shredding. You can see my lamb fell apart into pieces when removing it from the cooker.

Lamb is naturally quite a fatty meat but it’s easy when it has been cooked this way to pull the fat away from the meat. Discard the fat and just use the non-fatty meat for your HSP.

homemade hsp

Shred the lamb into small, shredded pieces. This is made easy with the help of some ‘bear claws’ but, if you don’t have any meat shredding claws, you can still get the job done with a couple of forks.

shredded lamb for hsp

Now it’s a simple matter of assembling all of your prepared ingredients together so that they resemble a true Halal snack pack.

Begin with a bowl or plate of cooked hot chips.

hot chips for hsp

Then add some shredded lamb.

halal snack pack

Add some grated cheese.

hsp snack pack

You can either just let the cheese melt naturally over your hot chips and meat or you can give it a helping hand by popping it in the microwave for a few seconds. Then you just need to add your desired toppings.

HSP with the works includes Tzatziki dip, BBQ sauce and sweet chilli sauce. I like it with all of the toppings but my son prefers to leave the dip and the sweet chilli sauce off and just enjoy his HSP with BBQ sauce.

hsp halal snack pack

Perfect for sharing and or enjoying in front of the TV – enjoy!

Homemade Lamb HSP Recipe

Homemade Lamb HSP


  • Butterflied Leg of Lamb (or your preferred cut of lamb for slow cooking)
  • Frozen Chips
  • Grated Cheese
  • Tzatziki Dip
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Barbecue Sauce


  • Slow cook lamb in slow cooker for 6-8 hours or Tefal Multicooker for 4 hours
  • When there is only 20 minutes or so left of the cooking time for the lamb, cook frozen chips according to packet directions in either your oven or air fryer.
  • When finished cooking, remove lamb from the cooker and discard any fat from the meat.
  • Use meat claws or forks to shred the meat.
  • Assemble your snack pack according to your preferences. Begin with cooked, hot chips on the bottom. Add a layer of shredded lamb and then some grated cheese. Top with preferred toppings out of the dip and the sauces.
  • Enjoy.


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